How it Works

Email Parliament
is an online lobbying system that allows organisations to mobilise their member and supporter base, and encourage their members to communicate directly with the UK parliament.

By entering just a postcode, your supporters are provided with the contact details of their local Member of Parliament and empowered to lobby them directly by email through your website.

Your supporters are provided with a randomly selected Peer. The selection is based on Peers who have an email address and Peers who have not been recently emailed through the Email Parliament system. Users can manually select another Peer if they wish from a drop-down list of active Peers.

The Email Parliament system uses current public domain contact information for members of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. This information is combined with public domain geographical boundary data, and consolidated through a web based interface which allows users to easily email members of either House.

Each Email Parliament account comes with 1 or more logins which provide access to a web based administrative area, where you can manage your account, campaign pushes, and data.