Designed specifically for churches, charities, voluntary, campaign and pressure groups, Email Parliament provides direct email communication with all elected members, via your own website.

Administrators can access a record of supporter actions, and check on campaign progress through the Email Parliament administration system. Campaign data is easily exported into other applications. The Email Parliament system also features a test mode allowing you to carry out user testing before emails are sent to elected members.

Email Parliament currently contains the following features:


  • Free Account Set-up
  • Organisation Login
  • Account Dashboard
  • Unlimited Campaign Pushes
  • MP and / or  MSP, WAM, MLA, GLA & Councillor Test Mode
  • MP and / or  MSP, WAM, MLA, GLA & Councillor Embed codes
  • MP and / or MSP, WAM, MLA, GLA & Councillor link URL
  • MP and / or MSP, WAM, MLA, GLA & Councillor Data Tables (Constituency & Email Data)
  • Email Support
  • CSV File Download *
  • Bespoke Site Header & Footer Branding (Include Text and Images) *
  • Bespoke MP and / or  key legislators Pages (Last Step, Email Confirm & Letter Notes) *
  • Dedicated Telephone Support *
  • Access to discounted bespoke coding services **

* Available in EP-Premium accounts only.

** Clients may request specific alterations to their Email Parliament account for the purpose of extending the functionality, or changing the workflow of the service. This may allow organisations the flexibility to create specific feature sets that are not part of the core Email Parliament system. Mirata Ltd provides bespoke coding that can be purchased in 1 hour intervals. This service is only available at the discretion of Mirata Ltd, and must be requested by the account holder. This service may be discounted should feature requests have a system wide benefit.