Email Parliament is an online lobbying and advocacy solution that allows organisations to mobilise supporters and encourage their members to get directly involved with their campaigns. When it comes to campaigning on topical issues many organisations and groups struggle to mobilise their member or supporter base to action, let alone track their member interaction.

Total number of people currently writing to MPs and elected members, across all our client campaigns.

  • Allows your supporters to lobby key legislators
  • Motivates your supporters to become involved in campaigns
  • Allows you to manage campaigns and view supporter involvement
  • Allows you to maintain your own brand and identity
  • Monitors and captures the data of supporters who get involved
  • Integrates easily into any type of website
  • Turns any website into a campaigning tool
  • Works even if you don’t have a website

The Email Parliament service worked perfectly. We’ve had a great response to our most recent campaign, pushing the government to draft a motion to go before the UN security council. Fantastic news!

Colin Hamilton

Digital Manager, Premier Radio

Using the Email Parliament service has meant that we have been able to create an intelligent lobbying platform that gets our members heard, and also helps inform parliamentarians of the real issues.

Dr. Mohsin Khan

Co-Founder, NHS Survival

Email Parliament is designed specifically for church denominations, charities, voluntary, advocacy, campaign and pressure groups. It provides managed email communication with key legislators, via your own website and brand.